Infrastructure Upgrades
Autumn 2021

This update is released for the benefit of the Moon Rabbit community as well as the more technical bunnies curious to see development progress under the hood. As Moon Rabbit is a Metachain, an infrastructure combining several distributed ledgers running natively and bridged to several other chains, all the moving parts need constant upgrades to make our network more performant and useful.

Four key areas of Moon Rabbit Core Development for Autumn 2021 are Substrate Main-Net Upgrades, EVM-Jurisdiction and its initial dApps launch, Cross-Chain Portal and Library. Each is discussed in turn below. All these elements are expected to go live before December 2021, unless marked otherwise, many of these will go live in November, with specific dates to be communicated on our social media closer to release date.

Substrate Main-Net Upgrades

  • We begin merging the new Explorer (currently Temple Staking UI with Rabbit Hole (currently default explorer We will overhaul the design and merge these two panels into one convenient interface, which will become the new Rabbit Hole, including Staking, Wallet, Bridge and dApp Directory. It will be redesigned with a new sharper look and focus on Mobile-first experience (responsive and fast-loading).

  • New Rabbit Hole will have an overhauled Back-End with ability to search individual Transactions, Wallet Histories and individual actions on-chain in real time. Detailed statistics and on-chain analytics will also get overhauled (map of Temples, top holders table, live statistics dashboard, overview of Jurisdictions, Staking and Temples)

  • We also plan to launch a Mobile-Native Main-Net Wallet (Android/iOS) to permit secure private key generation (increasing Seed Phrase to 24 words, instead of 12) and storage (encrypted storage within the phone), seamless app-based mobile management of Moon Rabbit ecosystem, staking, transfer of funds, collecting NFTs and more. We are likely to release a product roadmap for such a wallet with a final release date, including technical stack (open-source or commercial)

  • We also intend to enable Main-Net Interoperability with hardware wallets Ledger and Trezor. A detailed roadmap on this will also be released at a later stage.

  • Test-Net Development sandbox release for developers with testAAA faucet

  • Following community feedback from the first release of Temple UI, we will be fixing all current bugs related to staking, i.e. incorrect display of balance for staking, rewards payout and confusing numbers system, updating the UI with a more intuitive dashboard for users to keep track of their staking performance

  • We are currently continuing R&D on a Substrate-based Cross-Chain DEX development in parallel to our upcoming EVM-based DEX. Moon Rabbit is actively looking for a talented team of Rust/Substrate developers to scale our efforts to build a functional cross-chain DEX. Our Liquidity Partners are able to offer a generous bounty and guaranteed annual budget to the selected team who will help us build a Cross-Chain DEX on Moon Rabbit Main-Net.

EVM Jurisdiction Upgrades:

  • First order infrastructure release for the Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction will be the Explorer. While we will ultimately integrate EVM Explorer into the Rabbit Hole, this may take 2-3 months to achieve and thus we may launch an intermediate Explorer for the EVM, while integration into the Rabbit Hole will happen in parallel. A detailed update on the Explorer will be shared within the next 2 weeks.

  • Our stable Moon Rabbit EVM Main-Net is live with 100% uptime, Temples of the Mount Olympus, the Governing layer of Moon Rabbit Metachain have voted in favour of adding it as the new Jurisdiction of Moon Rabbit, extending the security, scalability and cross-chain composability of Moon Rabbit to the EVM. The propagation of validation on the Main-Net takes 1 Epoch and thus the full launch of EVM for the public is planned around 27 October 2021.

  • The public launch of EVM will permit any Ethereum-compatible wallets, such as Metamask, to interact with Moon Rabbit EVM in the same manner as Ethereum.

  • The EVM will immediately activate the Moon Rabbit NFT Protocol, which will include the NFT Minting Factory, Moon Rabbit NFT Marketplace, and NFT Modding tools. A series of unique NFT Collections are due to launch on Moon Rabbit in November, which will be available to only $AAA holders. One NFT collection will be GameFi NFT on-chain adventure Rad Rabbits (their webpage is coming soon)

  • Around the same date a community-developed DEX, offering token swap, farming and liquidity mining tools is expected to launch on Moon Rabbit. While the Moon Rabbit team is still doing due diligence on the two most advanced community- managed DEXes, we expect Liquidity Mining Programme to launch on one or both of these DEXes offering special rewards for $AAA LPs on the DEX.

  • While we do the best efforts to check the good intent of the projects, ultimately our EVM is permissionless and we do not control the content that developers put on Moon Rabbit EVM. We thus encourage the participants to do their own research on the projects and DEXes and consider various risks.

  • Alongside the Public EVM Main-Net, we have launched the Test-Net launch and Faucet. Any teams building on Moon Rabbit can request testAAA to perform QA or other live testing of their dApps, protocols and smart contracts.

  • New Dapps for EVM are expected to arrive in November/December. We offer generous bounty to all exclusive launches on Moon Rabbit network, so any professional and motivated teams are welcome to get in touch with the team about support for launching on our Network. For the most promising projects our Accelerator support ( is also available

Cross-Chain Bridge Portal:

  • We expect to merge multiple Bridges into one single Portal. Initially the first three variations from the list below will be bundled together, launching in stages in late October and early November. Later the fourth variation will be included. The portal will permit the following transactions 

    1. Transfer of ERC20 AAA on Ethereum Main-Net to Moon Rabbit EVM, where AAA performs the function of ETH for the purposes of interacting with Moon Rabbit network.

    2. Transfer of any ERC20 tokens to the equivalent tokens launched on Moon Rabbit EVM. We will likely commence with the top 200 most popular ERC20 and the list will continuously expand.

    3. Transfer of any NFTs between Ethereum Main-Net and Moon Rabbit EVM. Any NFTs minted on Ethereum can now be brought to Moon Rabbit and offered on its marketplace, and vice versa. Any NFTs originated from Moon Rabbit can be brought to Ethereum, and onward to Polygon and potentially offered on Opensea or other NFT marketplaces.

    4. We will later also merge our existing bridge from Ethereum Main-Net to Substrate Main-Net with the multi-bridge Portal.

Library (formerly Developer Hub): 

  • As our network grows more complex, we will be integrating a Wiki-Style Database of Tutorials and FAQ into homepage.

  • It will be in two sections: one for general users and one for developers, for whom it will serve as the main point of reference for any integrations, interactions with our network

  • Full documentation to be included about Substrate Main-Net, Bridges, EVM Main-Net and all future projects, and wider infrastructure metrics

  • Full Documentation describing the EVM network. Basic capabilities, TPS, number and location of nodes, how to build on Network. It will also include all relevant links to interact with the system

  • The Library will be continuously updated with new Tutorials, Tools and Instruments.

We always welcome constructive feedback about our technical infrastructure and welcome any new collaborations with builders seeing the potential of Moon Rabbit and its Web3 infrastructure. Reach out to us via email or telegram to pitch any improvement proposal. We are eager to maximise the community contribution to the success of our network!

EVM Jurisdiction Brings Ethereum and Smart Contracts to Moon Rabbit

As Moon Rabbit Main-Net has successfully, without any downtime or crashes, generated over 1.1m blocks and launched Multi-Tiered Delegated Proof of Stake Temples, offering its users and stakeholders instant execution of transfers and processes thousands of times cheaper than Ethereum Main-Net and any of its Layer-2 scaling solutions such as Polygon or Arbitrum, while offering Layer-0 and Layer-1 security, our core development efforts have focused on the roll-out of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Jurisdiction that brings full compatibility with Ethereum-based smart contracts, dApps and wider infrastructure, while offering gasless (free) transactions for most of the popular interactions within the system.

Within the EVM Jurisdiction, the primary digital unit (cryptocurrency) of the network is AAA, and its functions and roles correspond to those of ETH in Ethereum Main-Net. AAA on the EVM Jurisdiction will be swapped at a 1:1 rate with AAA on Moon Rabbit Main-Net and Ethereum Main-Net through dedicated Portals (digital bridges transferring tokens and data between different chains within Moon Rabbit ecosystem) and the initial supply of EVM Jurisdiction will be 8’888’888’888 AAA, which will initially be minted on Ethereum mainnet shortly before launch of the Bridge between Ethereum Main-Net and EVM Jurisdiction in early November. EVM Jurisdiction has both the Main-Net and Test-Net. Developers can request free testAAA for building and testing purposes. We also offer AAA bounties for any dApps launched, built or ported on Moon Rabbit EVM Main-Net.

Our EVM Jurisdiction, through the efforts of the core team, its partners and community-run initiatives, will initially focus on the following products, which are expected to launch during Q4 2021:

  • Multiple Wallets – Any EVM compatible wallet, such as Metamask, should already be able to connect to the Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction to interact with the network, store tokens and NFTs and perform other functions that MetaMask is capable of. Instructions on how to use MetaMask with Moon Rabbit will be posted in our Library.

  • Explorer – an upcoming explorer will permit full overview of the EVM network activities

  • NFT – a permissionless and trustless protocol suite of NFT management will be launched by the end of October 2021, alongside the first NFT collection offered exclusively to the AAA community. The NFT suite will include a minting studio, for both individual NFTs, in any format, and collections of NFTs with specific traits or characteristics; a dedicated marketplace where NFTs can be auctioned off, exhibited or sold; and a two-way NFT Bridge between Moon Rabbit EVM and Ethereum Main-Net that allows to bring Ethereum-originated NFTs to arrive to Moon Rabbit and vice versa. V2 of Moon Rabbit NFT Suite will follow at the end of November 2021.

  • DEX – a permissionless and trustless protocol suite for decentralised swapping of tokens is in the process of development by multiple teams. While exact timelines depend on community-driven initiatives, it is expected that at least one DEX will become fully operational on Moon Rabbit EVM within Q4. It will be accompanied by liquidity mining for AAA, farming tools as well as a two-directional bridge between Moon Rabbit EVM and Ethereum Main-Net for any ERC20 tokens to migrate between the two chains.

  • DeFi – a permissionless and trustless protocol suite for decentralised finance (DeFi) applications such as loans, insurance, crowdfunding, asset management, derivatives is currently under development. Due to the multitude of existing DeFi protocols on Ethereum, Moon Rabbit is actively seeking external teams or community contributors able to port the most popular DeFi protocols onto Moon Rabbit.

  • DAO – a permissionless and trustless software suite for designing, launching and managing decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) for any purpose. It will cross-over with other pillars of Moon Rabbit, in particular NFTs and DeFi, and can also be used for any other digital collectives or community initiatives. Due to the multitude of existing DAO implementations on Ethereum, Moon Rabbit is actively seeking external teams or community contributors able to port the most popular DAOs onto Moon Rabbit.

Short-term, Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction offers significantly a more affordable and scalable alternative to Ethereum, without excessive gas fees, transaction bottlenecks or environmental footprint, while benefitting from the underpinning security of Mount Olympus, Moon Rabbit’s substrate-based Metachain that connects different Jurisdictions and external blockchains together. Long-term, it creates a foundation for cross-chain operability and composability, becoming the abstraction layer to connect different blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Syscoin, Ethereum and many others.

As the initial users, builders and contributors are fundamental to the success of the ecosystem, Moon Rabbit offers generous packages of a mix of unlocked and staked AAA to incentivise builders and contributors to help Moon Rabbit’s infrastructure gain a multitude of valuable functionalities, while aligning their objectives with the long-term goal of the growth of the Digital Economy of Moon Rabbit. We welcome any enquiries and meaningful proposals from developer teams, individual contributors and software development houses interested in building Moon Rabbit together.

Temples Approve Sacrifice and Light Up Altars

Mount Olympus Temples validating blocks on the mother chain of Moon Rabbit have reached consensus on performing the following cryptographic rituals:

  • Sacrifice the total outstanding AAA supply to Moon Rabbit
  • Light up altars of Temples blessing congregations with rewards

A number of secondary updates are also discussed below.

AAA Sacrifice and supply update

Following the fair launch of Moon Rabbit, all remaining AAA on the main-net have been marked for burning. The supply burning is set to occur and be fully executed on the network before the next full moon. The new supply is 8’888’888’888 AAA, distributed between Moon Rabbit Main-Net and Ethereum. Outstanding pool of AAA for rewards will be burned, and instead, dynamic block rewards are activated to scale Moon Rabbit network and reward Temples and Congregations.

Temple Altars Light up and staking update

Temples perform the important function of assurance of security, scalability and cross-chain communications of Moon Rabbit. Contributing to the long-term economic security of the network through Delegated Proof of Stake and providing assistance in block validation and data exchange, Congregations (holders of AAA opting for staking) are rewarded by their respective Temples. Six Temples are currently onboarding Congregations, offering different staking mechanisms and reward models. As the network is in the ascendence stage, the rewards for the initial congregation members are generous. As the network grows, the rewards for newcomers will be significantly lower as the new rewards are distributed between an ever-growing number of Temples and Congregations.

Awakening Temple – for those whose minds have entered the state of Awakening, transition from the illusory world of slumber needs to be gradual in order not to shut down the mind. Therefore, Awakening Temple offers staking without any commitment. Awakening Temple rewards Congregation members with Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 24% AAA. Rewards are distributed on a monthly basis, so a minimum of 1 month staking is needed to obtain rewards. While there is no minimum period for staking, unstaking from the Awakening Temple requires a period of 1 week.

Exploration Temple – once awakened, the mind begins to explore the possibilities, many questions emerge, and the initial interactions permit gain understanding. Exploration Temples require lock-up of AAA for 3 moons (88 days) and pay out rewards at an APY of 67%, with both the rewards and the initial stake fully unlocked at the end of staking.

Perception Temple – exploration leads to understanding of fundamentals that tell a story. Suddenly, a notion of new dimensions becomes apparent to the mind, as it begins to perceive. Perception Temples offer those perceiving the fundamental value of Moon Rabbit Network a 6-moon-long (177 days) staking lock-up and distributing 200% APY, likewise fully unlocking the stake and rewards at the end of the staking term.

Enlightenment Temple – initially, the mind perceives the unknown dimensions in haphazard ways. Bits and pieces of knowledge that seem to be part of something bigger, yet the meaning escapes the mind. It is barely beyond reach. And then suddenly, Enlightenment comes: that’s what Moon Rabbit is all about. Enlightenment Temples offer a staking cycle of 12 moons for the truly enlightened congregation. APY is 500%, fully paid out upon the ending of the Enlightenment staking cycle of 12 moons (355 days).

Transcendence Temple – enlightenment opens new dimensions that suddenly become accessible. They actually communicate to you. Your state enters what is beyond. To gain you must let go. Transcendence cycle is 24 moons (710 days) and offers 400% APY. Enlightened minds may find solace in higher APY, yet one must transcend to view the chessboard from above and see that the Enlightenment Temple’s APY is guaranteed for 12 moons only and cannot be extended. 1/4 of the Year 1 rewards is unlocked at the end of Year 1. The remainder is unlocked at the end of two years.

Immortality Temple – having awoken, gained perception through exploration, enlightened and transcended, you have walked the whole path to divinity. You reach immortality. Immortality Temple offers 300% APY for a period of 48 moons (1420 days), of which 1/3 of Year 1 rewards is unlocked at the end of Year 1; 1/3 of Year 2 rewards is unlocked at the end of Year 2; 1/3 of Year 3 rewards is unlocked at the end of Year 3. The rest is unlocked at the end of 4 years. Immortality Temple Congregation members locking at least 333’333’333 AAA in Immortality Temple will also receive a Longevity DAO NFT Membership permitting the NFT holder to be in priority for life extension.

Additional rewards updates:

  • All AAA holders who had transferred their tokens to Moon Rabbit Main-Net either via bridge or via Burning Ceremony before 1 September 2021, will receive an airdrop of rewards from the Awakening Temple, with whom they have automatically been staking. This will correspond to 2% of the main-net wallet holdings as per the end of August 2021. The airdrop is expected to be completed before 7 September 2021.
  • As Temples expect to activate Congregation staking functions towards the end of the month, Temples are going to perform a snapshot of main-net AAA holdings on 9 September 10:00 UTC. All holders of AAA who had transferred their tokens to Moon Rabbit Main-Net either via bridge or via Burning Ceremony, will receive a one-off Exploration reward for September, equivalent to 1/12 of 67%, that is 5.58% airdrop reward on their AAA holdings on the main-net.
  • As we expect main-net to fully activate staking mechanisms offered by various Temples no later than the end of September 2021, subsequent rewards will be done through a UI that will be activated inside the Moon Rabbit wallet with the next network upgrade.

Moon Rabbit – Through Crypto We Seek Immortality

Welcome, Friend,

We assume you are reading this Story, having already explored the first full version of our webpage This Story is structured as a series of “Why” questions followed by extended answers. 

Though our endeavour may seem straight outlandish to an uninformed observer – seeking immortality – many great discoveries and inventions were made when visionaries dared to dream and focused their efforts, resources and creativity to pursue those dreams. To many, the early promises of electricity seemed akin to black magic, later the same incredulity focused on the Internet – many of its vocal doubters and opponents were unable or unwilling to imagine all the positive transformation it could usher in. Bitcoin was also dismissed by far too many and now, in retrospect, its rise seems to have been inevitable…

Thus, longevity, the quest to a longer, healthier – and possibly eternal – life, may seem impossible. And yet we dare to dream, and act upon our vision. Ample techno-scientific progress has been made on all fronts that warrants acceleration of radical and experimental niches that may unlock the secret of life. We are assembling the most advanced technologies at our disposal, from crypto and biotech, to set out upon the Quest to seek immortality.

We hope to have you join us on our Quest!


Why Moon Rabbit?

While Moon Rabbit may appear to some as a meme, the identity of Moon Rabbit has a long and powerful lineage, tracing back its roots to ancient folklore originating in China, from where it spread all over East, South East and South Asia, becoming an integral part their mythologies. While legends vary from country to country, what unites them all is the notion of a mythical rabbit who lives on the moon and pounds the elixir of life with a mortar and pestle. In one particular legend, from the Buddhist Jataka tales, having encountered a poor old man begging for food on the day of full moon, a rabbit threw itself into the fire to offer its own body and feed the man. The man revealed himself to be Sakra, Lord of the Devas and ruler of the highest of the heavens that directly contacted with humankind. For the selfless, charitable act of the rabbit, he spared him from burns of the flames and drew a likeness of the rabbit on the moon. The rabbit itself through its virtue set out on the path to Divinity. Dozens of variations of this legend across Asian cultures have enshrined Moon Rabbit with the virtue of selflessness and the power to give life.

This is why we adopted Moon Rabbit as the identity of our project, and why our logo portrays Moon Rabbit with a pestle. Crypto and web3 will enable Moon Rabbit to find the mortar, while the longevity industry will provide the necessary ingredients to create the elixir of life. 

Why Longevity?

Because since the emperors and pharaohs of great civilisations of yore, through the savage king-warriors of the Dark Ages, through the philosophers of the Enlightenment, through the ferocious dictators of the XX century, through the top of the top of modern-day financial and political elites – the greatest of the greatest – have desperately and fiercely sought to live forever – and forever Time has been consuming them all, turning their bodies and their empires to dust…

Time is the ultimate asset and it is priceless for those who understand its value. Even if we stand a one in a trillion chance of discovering the secret to a longer or healthier life, it is already worth pursuing. And so, we set upon the quest to discover the meaning of life through the prism of fundamental science and applied philosophy, in order to perhaps approach the zone where time bends and Immortality can escape the chimeric dimensions to enter our realm… Or, perhaps, vice versa?

Why Crypto?

Crypto – true Crypto – is a radical socio-technological construct that has shifted the paradigm of the abstract concepts of ownership, interaction and sovereignty. It has transformed the very core of the political, social and economic fabrics of our modern society to the extent that only the so-called Industrial Revolutions to date have, much of its vast transformational potential yet to be tapped; and the current state of Crypto being the foundations of the multi-generational Babel Towers, Notre Dames and Sagrada Familias. Crypto has amassed an unthinkable critical mass of thinkers, doers, schizos, shills, opportunists, dreamers, radicals, geeks, freaks – and the Escape Velocity has been achieved, with everyone from Elon Musk to your Uber driver dancing to the beats of another mined block…

Moon Rabbit is built upon the philosophy of self-sovereignty, censorship-resistance and participative governance, pioneered by Bitcoin. It complements this philosophy with the cutting edge web3 technologies that permit massive scalability, cross-chain interaction and security. At the low level, it permits crypto entrepreneurs to launch their own general purpose, DeFi, NFT, eSports, payment or any other applications and protocols and monetise them through our Metachain and native AAA token. At the high level, this technological foundation feeds into the Longevity DAO that aims to accelerate radical and experimental subsets of longevity, by offering researchers and entrepreneurs crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, web3 collaboration, open-source tools and scalable data processing tools of Moon Rabbit, unlocking previously unthinkable collaboration and monetisation pathways.

Why AngoZaibatsu?

Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu LLC is structured as a crypto-conglomerate. Hence the corporate structure suffix AngoZaibatsu. In Japanese, “ango” means crypto, but it also means “dwelling in peace”, whereas Zaibatsu refers to vertically integrated business conglomerates of the Japan Empire times. So powerful, they were able to drive the empire strategy – and were ultimately made illegal. Thus, we are reviving the Zaibatsu structure with a crypto DNA. Hence the name AngoZaibatsu. AngoZaibatsu does not sell itself to the legacy financial system. This is why we have rejected Venture Capital funds and Private Equity funds and why there will not be any exit through an IPO or M&A. AngoZaibatsu operates in the crypto realm and only stays true to the vision of Moon Rabbit. The cryptoeconomic model of AAA was specifically designed to assure self-sufficiency and sovereignty of Moon Rabbit. The network is rapidly scaled and decentralised to make sure that it is not under anyone’s control.

Importantly for our Moon Rabbit community, our cryptoeconomic model provides a stream of rewards for Temples, our mother chain validators, for the next 100 years, until the year 2121, a lifespan of rewards longer than that of Bitcoin. If we do discover viable life extension solutions, we will gather together with our community in 2121 to determine the new rewards system to maintain the self-sufficiency of the AngoZaibatsu. If we don’t, well, we will all be dead by then and it won’t be our problem…


We hope you now have a deeper understanding of our identity, mission and strategy. We are driven by the community who act as the extended team and ambassadors of the project. We welcome any proposals and meaningful collaborations. Over time, we will be expanding our web portal and populating it with the most demanded features. All community members bringing specific value to the project are always rewarded with bonus in AAA cryptocurrency. We also have multiple full-time positions open with the project, ranging from Team Lead through Product Managers through Analysts and Business Developers.

Over the next few weeks we will be launching a dynamic roadmap, including short-term and long-term objectives; a detailed cryptoeconomic dashboard for the Rabbit Hole (, our network explorer; a developer hub, and many other features. We are getting integrated and added into various crypto- and longevity-related networks, databases and indices, and will be featuring them over time.

We do hope our vision inspires entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors and philosophers to join Moon Rabbit. We are more than just crypto, more than just a network, more than mere philosophy. We dare to dream about transcending the conventional boundaries of humanity and one day to discover new dimensions, experience new worlds and enter new states.

May Moon Rabbit help us get there!