EVM Jurisdiction Brings Ethereum and Smart Contracts to Moon Rabbit

As Moon Rabbit Main-Net has successfully, without any downtime or crashes, generated over 1.1m blocks and launched Multi-Tiered Delegated Proof of Stake Temples, offering its users and stakeholders instant execution of transfers and processes thousands of times cheaper than Ethereum Main-Net and any of its Layer-2 scaling solutions such as Polygon or Arbitrum, while offering Layer-0 and Layer-1 security, our core development efforts have focused on the roll-out of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Jurisdiction that brings full compatibility with Ethereum-based smart contracts, dApps and wider infrastructure, while offering gasless (free) transactions for most of the popular interactions within the system.

Within the EVM Jurisdiction, the primary digital unit (cryptocurrency) of the network is AAA, and its functions and roles correspond to those of ETH in Ethereum Main-Net. AAA on the EVM Jurisdiction will be swapped at a 1:1 rate with AAA on Moon Rabbit Main-Net and Ethereum Main-Net through dedicated Portals (digital bridges transferring tokens and data between different chains within Moon Rabbit ecosystem) and the initial supply of EVM Jurisdiction will be 8’888’888’888 AAA, which will initially be minted on Ethereum mainnet shortly before launch of the Bridge between Ethereum Main-Net and EVM Jurisdiction in early November. EVM Jurisdiction has both the Main-Net and Test-Net. Developers can request free testAAA for building and testing purposes. We also offer AAA bounties for any dApps launched, built or ported on Moon Rabbit EVM Main-Net.

Our EVM Jurisdiction, through the efforts of the core team, its partners and community-run initiatives, will initially focus on the following products, which are expected to launch during Q4 2021:

  • Multiple Wallets – Any EVM compatible wallet, such as Metamask, should already be able to connect to the Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction to interact with the network, store tokens and NFTs and perform other functions that MetaMask is capable of. Instructions on how to use MetaMask with Moon Rabbit will be posted in our Library.

  • Explorer – an upcoming explorer will permit full overview of the EVM network activities

  • NFT – a permissionless and trustless protocol suite of NFT management will be launched by the end of October 2021, alongside the first NFT collection offered exclusively to the AAA community. The NFT suite will include a minting studio, for both individual NFTs, in any format, and collections of NFTs with specific traits or characteristics; a dedicated marketplace where NFTs can be auctioned off, exhibited or sold; and a two-way NFT Bridge between Moon Rabbit EVM and Ethereum Main-Net that allows to bring Ethereum-originated NFTs to arrive to Moon Rabbit and vice versa. V2 of Moon Rabbit NFT Suite will follow at the end of November 2021.

  • DEX – a permissionless and trustless protocol suite for decentralised swapping of tokens is in the process of development by multiple teams. While exact timelines depend on community-driven initiatives, it is expected that at least one DEX will become fully operational on Moon Rabbit EVM within Q4. It will be accompanied by liquidity mining for AAA, farming tools as well as a two-directional bridge between Moon Rabbit EVM and Ethereum Main-Net for any ERC20 tokens to migrate between the two chains.

  • DeFi – a permissionless and trustless protocol suite for decentralised finance (DeFi) applications such as loans, insurance, crowdfunding, asset management, derivatives is currently under development. Due to the multitude of existing DeFi protocols on Ethereum, Moon Rabbit is actively seeking external teams or community contributors able to port the most popular DeFi protocols onto Moon Rabbit.

  • DAO – a permissionless and trustless software suite for designing, launching and managing decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) for any purpose. It will cross-over with other pillars of Moon Rabbit, in particular NFTs and DeFi, and can also be used for any other digital collectives or community initiatives. Due to the multitude of existing DAO implementations on Ethereum, Moon Rabbit is actively seeking external teams or community contributors able to port the most popular DAOs onto Moon Rabbit.

Short-term, Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction offers significantly a more affordable and scalable alternative to Ethereum, without excessive gas fees, transaction bottlenecks or environmental footprint, while benefitting from the underpinning security of Mount Olympus, Moon Rabbit’s substrate-based Metachain that connects different Jurisdictions and external blockchains together. Long-term, it creates a foundation for cross-chain operability and composability, becoming the abstraction layer to connect different blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Syscoin, Ethereum and many others.

As the initial users, builders and contributors are fundamental to the success of the ecosystem, Moon Rabbit offers generous packages of a mix of unlocked and staked AAA to incentivise builders and contributors to help Moon Rabbit’s infrastructure gain a multitude of valuable functionalities, while aligning their objectives with the long-term goal of the growth of the Digital Economy of Moon Rabbit. We welcome any enquiries and meaningful proposals from developer teams, individual contributors and software development houses interested in building Moon Rabbit together.