Celebrating Expansion and Collaboration: Moon Rabbit’s Node Ecosystem

Moon Rabbit is embarking on an ambitious journey to not only mirror the successful enhancements observed in Polkadot’s ecosystem but also to introduce new features that improve its status in the blockchain space. This article outlines the roadmap for Moon Rabbit’s transformative jump, including the integration of the latest Polkadot improvements, the modernization of the Moon Rabbit Mainnet, Moon Rabbit EVM, and the launch of a brand new EVM scanner.

Earlier this year, the Moon Rabbit EVM made its debut on Coinstore, marking a significant chapter in our journey. This listing has not only broadened our horizon but also infused our ecosystem with new energy, enhancing liquidity and paving the way for increased adoption and recognition across the crypto landscape.

The New Moon Rabbit EVM Scanner

New Moon Rabbit EVM scanner

The revamped EVM scanner introduces a suite of improvements designed to enhance user interaction and data analysis capabilities on the Moon Rabbit EVM network.

Enhanced Features of the New EVM Scanner

  • User Interface Redesign: The scanner boasts a redesigned interface that simplifies navigation and makes the platform more accessible to both novice and experienced users. This user-friendly approach facilitates a smoother experience in tracking and analyzing blockchain activities.
  • Switch between themes: The new EVM scanner introduces a customizable theme switch feature, offering 4 different color schemes to cater to user preferences. This feature allows users to personalize their visual experience, choosing from a selection of themes that can make the interface more comfortable to view.
  • Increased Processing Speed: Upgrades to the scanner’s infrastructure have significantly boosted its performance, reducing load times and improving real-time data processing. This is particularly beneficial for users who require up-to-the-minute data on network activities.
  • Expanded Analytical Capabilities: The new scanner includes advanced analytical tools that delve deeper into the blockchain’s operations. These tools are essential for users looking to optimize performance or conduct detailed research on the blockchain’s dynamics.
  • Deeper Transparency: Enhanced transparency features provide users with a clearer view of transactions, smart contracts, and changes within the EVM. This visibility is key for developers and auditors who need to track contract interactions and modifications comprehensively.
  • Broad Data Coverage: The scanner now covers a broader array of information, from token movements to staking dynamics and inter-chain interactions. This comprehensive data access supports more robust analysis and decision-making for ecosystem participants.
  • Customization and Filtering Options: New customization features allow users to tailor the data display to their preferences and apply filters to focus on specific types of data. This customization makes it easier for users to find the exact information they need quickly and efficiently.

The upgraded scanner at https://scan.moonrabbit.com/ marks a significant step forward in enhancing the analytical and operational capabilities available to users of the Moon Rabbit blockchain, making the network more transparent and user-friendly.

Enhancing Decentralization with New Nodes

In our continuous quest to weave decentralization deeply into our fabric, we’ve expanded our network with additional nodes. This strategic enhancement not only disperses governance and operational risks but also strengthens the network against potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that Moon Rabbit remains a resilient and dynamic ecosystem. By adding new full and lite nodes, we ensure the reliability and scalability of the network.

Lite Node Incentives

Equally important is the role of our community. Numerous members have taken the initiative to run lite-nodes, contributing significantly to the network’s diversity and decentralization. Running a lite-node has been simplified over time, ensuring that even those with minimal technical background can participate in and support our ecosystem. For those interested, detailed guidance on setting up a lite-node is available in one of our previous posts, making the setup process easy and quick.

Docker image and technical documentation located here: https://hub.docker.com/r/moonrabbitaz/node

Stay tuned for the incentive details in the official Telegram groups.

A Token of Appreciation: Rewards for Node Runners

In recognition of the crucial role that node runners play, we are thrilled to announce another round of AAA rewards for both new and existing node operators. This initiative is designed to reward the most active community members for their dedication and to encourage even more participants to join this vital aspect of our network’s infrastructure.

Innovations and Enhancements

Upgrading to Agile Coretime and Asynchronous Backing

Moon Rabbit plans to incorporate significant technological advancements originally developed by Polkadot, specifically Agile Coretime and Async Backing. These enhancements are expected to dramatically increase the network’s scalability and efficiency by adopting a flexible, demand-driven approach to managing computational resources. This change will support a substantial increase in the number of parachains and transactions that the network can handle, marking a significant step forward in Moon Rabbit’s scalability.

Revolutionizing Governance with Community Input

The year 2025 is set to be transformative for Moon Rabbit’s governance structure with the introduction of direct community referendums. This shift towards a more democratic governance model ensures that every network participant can have a say in its future, reflecting Moon Rabbit’s commitment to a truly decentralized approach.

Enhancing the Moon Rabbit EVM for Greater Interoperability

The Moon Rabbit EVM is slated for upgrades that will enhance its compatibility with Ethereum, integrate WebAssembly smart contracts, and improve its cross-consensus messaging capabilities. These developments are aimed at boosting the EVM’s interoperability within the broader blockchain ecosystem, allowing for smoother and more efficient interactions across different platforms.

Encouraging Wider Participation Through Staking Pools

Moon Rabbit is introducing nomination-based staking pools to make the security process more inclusive. This initiative will allow a greater number of community members to participate in network security, reinforcing Moon Rabbit’s dedication to inclusivity and collective engagement in its security processes.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates! We are excited to continue sharing our journey with you through our upcoming blogs. Explore the new features, get insights, guides, and explore further enhancements within the Moon Rabbit ecosystem. Keep an eye on our blog section for the latest information and detailed explorations of how the technology is evolving.