Enhancing Network Reliability and Scaling the EVM Parachain

Mount Olympus is excited to share a few of the improvements that have been recently introduced to the Moon Rabbit network and to our Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) parachain that runs on the Moonbeam platform. The updates we are ready to announce in this blog not only strengthen our network’s reliability, but also enable us to continue to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for the foreseeable future.

Let’s dive right into these recent changes, the distinct benefits they bring, and ultimately – explain what they mean for the Moon Rabbit ecosystem moving forward.

Improving Network Reliability:

One of our primary goals at Moon Rabbit has always been to provide a secure and reliable environment for developers and users alike. To that end, the team has focused on the following optimizations in that area:

Optimized Consensus Mechanism: 

We have made tweaks to our consensus algorithm, resulting in faster block confirmations, and a more stable network environment overall. This particular improvement reduces the likelihood of network congestion and further ensures operation stability during periods of high traffic.

Enhanced Security Measures: 

We have implemented stricter security protocols, and added new layers of protection against attacks from malicious actors. These measures build upon the existing safeguards that have already been in place, and provide additional security guarantees to users’ assets on the chain.

Scaling Mainnet and EVM:

As the Moon Rabbit ecosystem continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly vital to stay ahead of the game called “scalability”. With that in mind, we have made significant efforts to make sure our network can and will handle the increased demand without compromising neither performance nor security. Here are some of the key steps that have been taken towards that goal:

Hardware Resource Allocation:

To accommodate the growing number of users and dApps, we have significantly increased the server resources dedicated to the Moon Rabbit network. This allows us to process more transactions per second (TPS) and in turn enables the network to deliver a more refined experience to all parties involved – developers, as well as end-users.

Load Balancing Solutions:

To evenly distribute network traffic and minimize the risk of congestion, we have implemented advanced load balancing solutions. This approach ensures that our network can maintain optimal performance, especially when challenged during peak usage periods.

Parachain Interoperability:

By leveraging the Moonbeam EVM parachain, we are able to maintain a seamless connection with the wider Polkadot ecosystem. This interoperability allows us to tap into the resources available on other parachains, further enhancing the scalability and capabilities of our own network.

Network Monitoring and Alerting Enhancements:

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, we have also focused on upgrading our network monitoring and alerting systems. Now, we can proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they impact the users. Here are the key updates on that front:


We have updated our integration with powerful tools that provide comprehensive monitoring and observability for the Moon Rabbit network. With improved data visualization and analysis capabilities, our team can now detect anomalies and anticipate performance issues with more precision, and as a result – react quicker to issues, providing a smoother and more stable network experience to all.

Optimized Kubernetes Resource Distribution:

We have fine-tuned our Kubernetes cluster to redistribute resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage space for both mainnet and EVM parachain. This includes doubling the storage space on our nodes to guarantee 100% uptime. These enhancements enable the network to handle increased transaction throughput and still maintain optimal performance.

Team Expansion:

To keep up with the rapid growth of the Moon Rabbit ecosystem, we have expanded our team by bringing skilled DevOps and blockchain engineers on board. Their vetted expertise, and combined experience, will let us to further improve our infrastructure and continue driving innovation in the blockchain space.

With our team expanded – and the recent network enhancements, we are well-equipped to support Moon Rabbit’s expansion and provide the best possible experience for our users and developers. These new tools will allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain technology, and enable us to continue driving the adoption of decentralized solutions across various industries.


The recent improvements to the Moon Rabbit network and our Moonbeam EVM parachain reflect our commitment to providing a reliable, secure, and scalable environment for the entire community. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain focused on enhancing our platform, your experience on it, and the means of support we can provide to address the growing needs of our users and developers.

With the aforementioned optimizations successfully implemented, and the network already enjoying visible improvements to stability, performance and security, our newly expanded team is at it again, working relentlessly on a new and exciting upgrade line that we plan to introduce to the chain in the upcoming update batch. Make sure to follow our social media to stay informed on these new developments as soon as they are announced, and don’t miss on what’s next in store for Moon Rabbit!

For now, we want to thank you – our passionate community, for your unwavering support, as well as for your time reading this blog. As it has become a tradition at this point, we invite you to join us on our ongoing journey towards a more decentralized and connected future. And see you all at the next announcement soon!