Metabridge Update V2 Coming Live

The Moon Rabbit team is thrilled to announce a notable upgrade to the Metabridge has been deployed. The latest update comes with a slew of bug and optimization fixes, as well as several new features and interface changes that have been implemented – in part following community feedback, and in part as a natural extension of the Moon Rabbit’s long-term vision. Let’s dive together into an overview of what exactly we can expect from the upcoming version of the Metabridge, and how this particular update plays into the overarching goal of transforming Moon Rabbit into a Multi-Chain Hub.

First, V2 brings fixes to the vast majority of bugs that had been encountered and identified with the community help in the previous version of the platform. Moving forward, the users will now have the ability to transfer native tokens from all connected networks, and the update itself goes even further than that, allowing for not only an easy way to bridge tokens between chains, for example – AAA from BSC to Ethereum, but also – and in a similar fashion, for bridging NFTs beyond just Ethereum. This newly added cross-chain support represents but a tip of Moon Rabbit’s continuous efforts towards achieving an ultimate network interconnectivity.

On the interface side, two important changes have been introduced to further improve on how the user-bridge interaction is being managed and to provide a more seamless and even experience for all parties involved. In the previous iteration, the interface would separate the same assets across different networks (e.g. AAA on Ethereum, AAA on BSC, AAA on Polygon), and the users needed to pick the right one from an excessively long list before they could proceed. This process has now been changed, and in V2 of the bridge the users simply pick the relevant asset and then select any of the networks available to it, which cuts down on the effort required from the users and simultaneously makes for a cleaner user experience overall.

The second interface update deals with Unfinished Flows, and specifically – with how the users can interact with and track transactions on the platform. After a series of thorough tests, the team decided to do away with the previously implemented solution – a simple, yet ultimately inefficient table format, and instead opted for a form. Now, the users can easily follow up and check the status of any transaction by simply entering a relevant tx hash. This change is meant to provide users with an readily accessible and streamlined way to check on incomplete transactions and allow them to instantly react to any issues in case of such scenarios.

While significant in scope alone, the fast approaching Metabridge Update V2 (with tentative date of Oct 4th) only scratches the surface of what’s currently in the works at Moon Rabbit. Riding high on the imminent bridge upgrade, the teams’ heated, internal discussions are showing no signs of subsiding any time soon, and are shaping up to take us to a number of new and exciting places.

Among these lively conversations are concept drafts for several major scalability improvements, which will lower latency, and vastly improve on finality times for transactions (all without sacrificing any of the previous security guarantees), as well as daily brainstorming sessions on how to further improve and simplify the developer experience on the chain thus allowing more projects to take advantage of Moon Rabbit’s highly-scalable Substrate nature. Following our plans for the future, the team is also actively looking into means of reaching deeper and more complex levels of cross-chain connectivity, and at the same time we continue to explore the fringes of innovative staking applications – with a clear aim to expand the reach of the current staking system through both a much more scalable and less restrictive pool structure as well as more robust and intuitive user interfaces that will allow wider participation.

Moon Rabbit remains committed to bringing its community the best possible experiences, and the team continues to work on developing new features that will allow the existing products to mature and evolve in surprising ways. As always, we welcome you all to keep a close eye for any and all upcoming announcements – here, on Twitter, and on Telegram.