Moon Rabbit DEX V.1.5 Launches!

V.1.5. Info Dashboard Brings Transparency and Analytics to DEX

We are pleased to launch an upgrade to our recently launched Moon Rabbit DEX in the form of Info Dashboard that enables transparency of trades and transactions overview, swapping statistics, infographics for charts and basic analytics to expand our DeFi functionality. This new addition can be accessed through a simple link in the header of the page – and it’s quite easy to miss, too, so let’s find out where it leads together.

The new link directs us straight to the meat of the latest update – the DEX Dashboard Info Hub. It’s a statistics page – Moon Rabbit Analytics, designed specifically to allow anyone to instantly retrieve relevant and detailed information regarding the current asset prices, token pairs on the DEX and liquidity. The analytics’ aim is to equip users with a clear and easily digestible set of data that will assist them in making the most of the available information as they interact with the exchange, and the page will not only act as a handy tool at first, but in time is set to become the central information index for the DEX and all the other linked products.

The statistics presented on the page are divided into two main categories: Tokens listed on the DEX and the Pairs of Tokens created on the DEX for exchange, with the information organized in a way to help users effortlessly understand which assets they can exchange on the DEX and at what price. The page also estimates fees obtained by liquidity providers in the past 24 hours (liquidity providers receive 0,25% from each exchange as a fee), and provides additional information regarding the turnover per asset, or pair of tokens, in the last 24h (up to 7 days for pairs). This abundance of data is made available for the purpose of increased transparency on the Platform, and the design team made sure that the way it is presented allows for a seamless and efficient use alongside the Swapping and Liquidity protocols.

It’s worth mentioning that all statistics provided – with the exception of the number of transactions, are evaluated in US dollars, and for the USD price calculation the pair with evaluated token and USDC is taken for reference. For example, the price of AAA is defined as related to USDC:

and taken from pair AAA-USDC:

Thus, for every new asset price discovery a pair with USDC needs to be created.

Thus, Moon Rabbit DEX V.1.5. Enables a Dashboard with analytics, statistics and charts – another useful suite of DeFi tools at your disposal as you traverse the expanding Moon Rabbit ecosystem. The DEX Dashboard Info Hub is an expansion that we hope ends up providing not only greater levels of transparency for all our users, but also grants them the ability to make more informed decisions and empowers their DeFi choices with meaningful and comprehensible information. The Moon Rabbit will continue to monitor this newest addition to the DEX and keep adding on top of it based on community feedback. Web3 Foundation LLC team are currently working on Moon Rabbit DEX V.2.0 in which we are striving to bring cross-chain compatibility to swapping process, maximising Moon Rabbit Metachain’s capacity to serve as the central hub for cross-chain Web3 activities. 

Not familiar with the Moon Rabbit DEX? See our previous blog post World’s First DEX on Substrate EVM is here where we outline the platform in detail, and stay tuned for more updates on our newest releases!