Moon Rabbit Main-Net Upgrades: Ahead of the Game

Keeping up with all development trends in the blockchain space has always been an integral part of Moon Rabbit’s mission and vision.

In this blog, we would like to touch upon three trends that we see emerge inside the Substrate-based ecosystem. Ones that we believe will come to play an important part in bridging the gap between the fast-growing spectrum of projects built on Substrate, and further prove instrumental in forming alliances and full-blown partnerships within that stratosphere. These are cross-consensus messaging, push for substantial optimization, and finally – permissionless staking pools, all of which Moon Rabbit is currently actively researching.

First, it’s cross-consensus messaging, and especially the universal languages that, together with various transport protocols, can enable the facilitation of secure and trustless communication back and forth between parachains – inside or outside the Substrate.

In this space, a clear move can be observed towards wider and more thorough support for bridging to external networks, improved fee payments for operations, NFTs, and APIs to query and invoke pallets on other chains. It’s a trend more and more projects are looking to capitalize on, and rightly so as the concept opens up many exciting possibilities.

Next, push for meaningful optimization, and one pertaining to scalability – specifically. The recent issues experienced by some of the largest blockchain networks, and infamously exemplified by the Solana case, are painting an ever clearer picture of the potential pitfalls facing projects failing to adapt and properly prepare their foundation as they grow. Any level of hesitance to face these challenges head on, as soon as they emerge, or better yet – simply anticipate them in the first place, can only further exacerbate a problem of this nature.

Lower latency, and greatly improved finality times for transactions executed on parachains – all sealed with a steel-clad promise of not reneging on any the previous security guarantees is just one example of this trend showing actual merit. Coupled with uninterrupted efforts to increase the amount of work every parachain can do, and commitment for continuous optimization of network performance – we believe this movement will be fundamental in shaping the future of the Substrate ecosystem moving on, and become a sort of benchmark separating genuine projects from the rest. The same very logic is applicable to Moon Rabbit Jurisdictions and appears especially relevant in anticipation of the launch of Archon – Decentralized Science Hub that will soon roll out its very own Jurisdiction on Moon Rabbit blockchain to benefit from next-to-zero data storage fees.

Lastly, permissionless staking pools, and how they can expand on the reach of the staking system in its current form is a question a lot of projects are asking themselves right now. Pools such as these would feature no apparent technical upper limit imposed on the number of them – or the number of participants, allowing for more nominators, especially smaller ones, to participate. 

These “infinitely scalable” pools, would not only enable users to permissionlessly create pools of stake which others can join, but the votes issued by these pools would also be automatically balanced across the validators which were nominated, and – with a possible fast-unstake feature implementation to the staking system, allow the migration of nominators who are not earning rewards to nomination pools.

These are the three recent trends that we can see emerge and gain substantial traction in the Substrate ecosystem. The Moon Rabbit’s team is deeply involved in the research into them and has set its sights on full-on implementation for all Jurisdictions. As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, these new developments will provide a slew of both new challenges to overcome and opportunities to build upon.

Moon Rabbit development team currently focuses on implementing these novel approaches with the view to deliver seamless user experience bearing in mind newly emerged industry standards and challenges. We invite all Substrate-based projects to join us in these efforts, and for the latter, we are more than excited to look forward to a future where the entire Substrate ecosystem becomes a single, living and breathing organism.With careful planning and execution, Moon Rabbit is firmly committed to stay ahead of the curve.