Moon Rabbit Metabridge NFT Support Launched

Moon Rabbit’s Metabridge, a multi-token and multi-network portal for transferring tokens, has just got upgraded to also natively support transfer of any Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), both the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. Our Metabridge now boasts the most diverse functionality of asset and cross-chain integrations in the web3 space.

Bringing even further cross-platform interoperability you now have the ability to mint your tokens and NFTs for free on the Moon Rabbit network and easily bridge them to the Ethereum network where you can sell them on the popular Ethereum marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible! This also means all of your NFTs previously stranded on another EVM-compatible network can now find their home here on Moon Rabbit, any external wallet, or be sent to any Ethereum address.

Your Rad Rabbits can also hop onto other platforms! This advanced, trustless multi-way transaction channel allows you to preserve the metadata of your entire collection all completely secured by the underlying security of Moon Rabbit’s Metachain.

Below you can see the screenshots of the interface, showing the easy 2-step process to transfer your beloved NFTs between different networks. The Metabridge is live at

The launch of this bridge will allow you to track your Moon Rabbit avatar outside our native marketplace and EVM network. The NFT bridge will also allow you to easily convert your tokens into ERC-1155, a token standard enabling the efficient transfer of both fungible (ERC-20) and non-fungible (ERC-721) tokens in just one transaction. ERC-1155 tokens take care of many previous redundancies caused by ERC-20 and ERC-721’s inability to be wrapped into the same smart contract. Previous to ERC-1155 every individual item, in a game, for example, would require its own smart contract, however, ERC-1155 tokens can store multiple items inside a single contract cutting down on total transactions, speeding up the network, lowering the amount of needed space, and of course saving money!

The first to proudly take advantage of this opportunity is the Historical Stamps NFT Project! The Historical Stamp NFT project is part of an ongoing effort to bring together all collectors into the Moon Rabbit Metaverse and to preserve a world-renown cuisine chef’s little piece of history. This chef, who has been sponsored by Moon Rabbit, inherited these 726 stamps and wishes to memorialize them forever on the blockchain. All 726 stamps have been scanned by high-quality scanners to properly preserve their rich history and to create 3D NFTs allowing you to inspect and uncover every bit of each stamp’s long and illustrious past for zero gas fees. After the minting stage, the Historical Stamps NFT Project will be gifting those who manage to mint a legendary NFT the real stamp! Only 726 unique pieces, collect on any blockchain, 0 gas fees on the Moon Rabbit Marketplace, and high-quality NFTs preserving a piece of history forever on the blockchain. 

With the NFT bridge, you are given the opportunity to mint for free on Moon Rabbit, relist to your preferred blockchain and vice versa send your unsold NFTs to Moon Rabbit, all while having direct access to both the Rarible and OpenSea marketplaces. Being able to convert into ERC-1155 opens up even more opportunities for use cases like blockchain play to earn games with many more use cases being explored. Supporting an infinite number of tokens including fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible it’s likely all projects will eventually build on or migrate to the gold standard of ERC-1155 in order to increase both functionality and interoperability while cutting down on space and the number of transactions needed to complete the same tasks.

Growing in strength, interoperability, and community, Moon Rabbit is constantly creating more pathways for blockchains and users to become native to the Moon Rabbit metaverse. Remember that Moon Rabbit is always offering amazing rewards for those who help grow the ecosystem! Stay with us as we grow into the ultimate cross-chain protocol and uncover the secret to eternal life.


Do you want to migrate your entire NFT collection to Moon Rabbit chain seamlessly? Here is the form for adding your collection and metadata to the Moon Rabbit Metabridge.