Moon Rabbit & Polygon Studios for Longevity

Moon Rabbit has created a partnership with Polygon Studios, the metaverse, NFT, and crypto gaming hub of the L2 blockchain, Polygon. Originally launched to connect and grow Ethereum projects and blockchains, Polygon uses a modified proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to efficiently operate the platform. Governed by its native token MATIC, it operates on top of the Ethereum blockchain and adds another layer of functionality. Greater scalability is achieved by conducting many zero-knowledge proof transactions on the Polygon network using tools like ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups then submitting only proof-of-validity to the main chain in just one Ethereum transaction. Polygon is a space for developers to turn their projects into multi-chain platforms. Simply put, Polygon takes Moon Rabbit’s interoperability to the next level!

Polygon Studios is working to build strong web3 communities inside of the Polygon ecosystem by highlighting great new upcoming projects. We’ll be working with Polygon Studios to position Moon Rabbit in front Polygon’s community of web3 enthusiasts. 

Polygon runs on four different layers. The Execution layer uses Polygon’s EVM to execute the contracts on the Ethereum main net. The Polygon networks layer consists of an ecosystem of Polygon projects. The Security Layer runs alongside the Ethereum layer and provides ‘validators as a service.’ Finally, the ETH Layer is constructed of different Ethereum-based smart contracts. Moon Rabbit has connected the main net and Moon Rabbit’s own EMV to this blockchain framework. As Moon Rabbit creates more pairs within the Polygon network the amount of cross-chain token transfers without third-party risks or market liquidity limitations will grow exponentially. Moon Rabbit has already begun actively using Polygon and has created Polygon pairs in both USDT and USDC. Polygon is now strengthening the Moon Rabbit network and acts as an entry portal for the Polygon network to integrate with Moon Rabbit.

Polygon adds a massive amount of reach to the Moon Rabbit ecosystem. Operating on top of the Ethereum network, Polygon gives Ethereum-based projects access to more flexibility, scalability, security, and sovereignty without losing the interoperability, and structural benefits of Ethereum. Polygon benefits from low gas fees and is compatible with the widely used contract creation language, Solidity. Fully integrating with the Polygon network comes with significant advantages like the promised speed of ETH 2.0, long before the actual release of Eth 2.0, boasting 47,900% more transactions per second than the Ethereum main net! Any Polygon-connected project has automatic integration into Open-Sea and some may not know this, but like Moon Rabbit, Polygon has full Chainlink integration allowing the connection of pre-existing infrastructure and data of the outside world offering even further real-world and cross-chain interoperability. Polygon is able to fully utilize the Ethereum network while being inherently more secure, open, and powerful. 

Moon Rabbit and Polygon alike are advancing the Web3 space by supporting ventures, developers, and projects. Through “Polygon Studios”, Polygon is doing an excellent job of establishing itself as a leading technology provider for decentralized gaming and NFTs having already partnered with Ubisoft, EA, and Atari. This community cross-over will create a burst of engagement driving even more traffic toward DeFi and Web 3 infrastructure as these two blockchains seek to support those looking to build on or bridge to the Polygon and Moon Rabbit networks. This is all in a continued effort to accelerate toward greater innovations and total interoperability.

Foresight Institute, the world’s leading Longevity research institution, works closely with top scientists in the world of longevity. Foresight Institute is welcoming Web 3 with open arms and as such we are expecting an influx of longevity professionals who want to maximize their potential. Utilizing the longevity DAO and the rapidly growing Moon Rabbit ecosystem we will unlock the full potential of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and web3 data processing and storage. Moon Rabbits DeFi arm is a decentralized space to facilitate the transfer of data and scientific cooperation like never seen before. Combined with Foresight Institute’s thirty years of life extension research, we are creating a space for these technologies to freely grow. As Moon Rabbit’s ecosystem grows so does Foresight Institute’s ability to connect with and support leading young scientists, engineers, and innovators working on emerging new technologies.

Falling perfectly in line with the Foresight Institute partnership, Chainlink integration, and Moon Rabbit’s own EVM, Polygon gives access to even more routes for connecting the multi-chain world of DeFi and Web 3. The Moon Rabbit network continues to grow in partnerships and integrations enabling the Longevity DAO and creating a robust Meta Chain: a chain of chains or system of systems where all blockchains and distributed protocols can seamlessly connect and interact. Web 3 infrastructure is the future of AI, big data, machine learning, and blockchain development. Integrating further into our daily lives, Web 3 continues to disrupt the authorities by providing equal access to decentralized trustless platforms. In a world built on top of Web 3 Moon Rabbit prominently places itself as the central substrate interconnecting all.