Senior Business Developer

Job Description:

Senior Business Developer is responsible for finding, negotiating and closing the most interesting and valuable deals for Moon Rabbit (new Temple Validators for the network, new listings for AAA token, new partnerships), which would positively impact the community and project recognition.

Deals can be done with:

* Node/Validator operators for long-term capital allocation to AAA

* Tier 1 crypto-infrastructure projects, e.g. Oracles, Cybersecurity, DeFi

* Crypto exchanges and wallets with large communities

* Institutional holders, research organisations and custodians

* Community building and promotion partnerships

* Deals with early-stage startups and protocols who would choose to build on Moon Rabbit

Skills Required:

The job is highly rewarding and requires a broad range of skills, such as negotiating, analytical, self-starting and attention to details.

Perfect English is a must. Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese in particular) are a big plus, as Moon Rabbit makes a particularly strong emphasis on Asia-Pacific region for adoption.

Location and rhythm of work is not important as long as you consistently meet goals. Bonus available for overperformance.

Minimum of 4 years experience in crypto is a must, or a shorter experience with exceptional cryptocurrencies. Other valuable experiences are: investor relations, financial markets, PE/VC.


We offer a highly rewarding full-time+ position in an hypercompetitive and exponentially growing crypto ecosystem. Performance-related bonuses offered. Entrepreneurial arrangements are possible for projects that could launch on top of Moon Rabbit.