Senior Marketing Manager

Job Description:

Senior Marketing Manager must be versatile and able to manage processes such as Social Media Management, Technical Content and Product Marketing, Copyrighting. Passion for cryptocurrencies and distributed world is a must. Attention to detail is important.

Specific tasks:

* Develop and implement content strategies and campaigns
* Build strategic partnerships and campaigns to boost AAA community
* Copywriting for developer-focused websites, landing pages, blogs, video scripts, and infographics
* Market Research and Intelligence, applied to the crypto industry
* Product communications and positioning
* Management of social media and development of captivating shilling strategies

Skills Required:

* At least 10 years of work experience with minimum 4 years in cryptocurrencies. Prior experience launching and building communities for tier1 cryptocurrencies is a big plus.
* Track record working with diverse stakeholders, such as developers, financiers, degens and business developers.
* Excellent communications and language skills. Knowledge of Asian languages is a big plus.
* Designing go-to-market, launch and promotional campaigns for products is a must
* Ability to gain media, PR, branding awareness benefits
* Capability to work in a fast-paced environment with loose structure and decentralised crypto approach.


We are looking for a Rockstar Marketing Manager to help turn Moon Rabbit into a global powerhouse. We are able to offer a competitive salary and generous bonuses for meaningful achievements. This is a remote job and offers flexibility. We require ability to work full-time+, not a corporate 9-5 schedule.