Infrastructure Upgrades
Autumn 2021

This update is released for the benefit of the Moon Rabbit community as well as the more technical bunnies curious to see development progress under the hood. As Moon Rabbit is a Metachain, an infrastructure combining several distributed ledgers running natively and bridged to several other chains, all the moving parts need constant upgrades to make our network more performant and useful.

Four key areas of Moon Rabbit Core Development for Autumn 2021 are Substrate Main-Net Upgrades, EVM-Jurisdiction and its initial dApps launch, Cross-Chain Portal and Library. Each is discussed in turn below. All these elements are expected to go live before December 2021, unless marked otherwise, many of these will go live in November, with specific dates to be communicated on our social media closer to release date.

Substrate Main-Net Upgrades

  • We begin merging the new Explorer (currently Temple Staking UI with Rabbit Hole (currently default explorer We will overhaul the design and merge these two panels into one convenient interface, which will become the new Rabbit Hole, including Staking, Wallet, Bridge and dApp Directory. It will be redesigned with a new sharper look and focus on Mobile-first experience (responsive and fast-loading).

  • New Rabbit Hole will have an overhauled Back-End with ability to search individual Transactions, Wallet Histories and individual actions on-chain in real time. Detailed statistics and on-chain analytics will also get overhauled (map of Temples, top holders table, live statistics dashboard, overview of Jurisdictions, Staking and Temples)

  • We also plan to launch a Mobile-Native Main-Net Wallet (Android/iOS) to permit secure private key generation (increasing Seed Phrase to 24 words, instead of 12) and storage (encrypted storage within the phone), seamless app-based mobile management of Moon Rabbit ecosystem, staking, transfer of funds, collecting NFTs and more. We are likely to release a product roadmap for such a wallet with a final release date, including technical stack (open-source or commercial)

  • We also intend to enable Main-Net Interoperability with hardware wallets Ledger and Trezor. A detailed roadmap on this will also be released at a later stage.

  • Test-Net Development sandbox release for developers with testAAA faucet

  • Following community feedback from the first release of Temple UI, we will be fixing all current bugs related to staking, i.e. incorrect display of balance for staking, rewards payout and confusing numbers system, updating the UI with a more intuitive dashboard for users to keep track of their staking performance

  • We are currently continuing R&D on a Substrate-based Cross-Chain DEX development in parallel to our upcoming EVM-based DEX. Moon Rabbit is actively looking for a talented team of Rust/Substrate developers to scale our efforts to build a functional cross-chain DEX. Our Liquidity Partners are able to offer a generous bounty and guaranteed annual budget to the selected team who will help us build a Cross-Chain DEX on Moon Rabbit Main-Net.

EVM Jurisdiction Upgrades:

  • First order infrastructure release for the Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction will be the Explorer. While we will ultimately integrate EVM Explorer into the Rabbit Hole, this may take 2-3 months to achieve and thus we may launch an intermediate Explorer for the EVM, while integration into the Rabbit Hole will happen in parallel. A detailed update on the Explorer will be shared within the next 2 weeks.

  • Our stable Moon Rabbit EVM Main-Net is live with 100% uptime, Temples of the Mount Olympus, the Governing layer of Moon Rabbit Metachain have voted in favour of adding it as the new Jurisdiction of Moon Rabbit, extending the security, scalability and cross-chain composability of Moon Rabbit to the EVM. The propagation of validation on the Main-Net takes 1 Epoch and thus the full launch of EVM for the public is planned around 27 October 2021.

  • The public launch of EVM will permit any Ethereum-compatible wallets, such as Metamask, to interact with Moon Rabbit EVM in the same manner as Ethereum.

  • The EVM will immediately activate the Moon Rabbit NFT Protocol, which will include the NFT Minting Factory, Moon Rabbit NFT Marketplace, and NFT Modding tools. A series of unique NFT Collections are due to launch on Moon Rabbit in November, which will be available to only $AAA holders. One NFT collection will be GameFi NFT on-chain adventure Rad Rabbits (their webpage is coming soon)

  • Around the same date a community-developed DEX, offering token swap, farming and liquidity mining tools is expected to launch on Moon Rabbit. While the Moon Rabbit team is still doing due diligence on the two most advanced community- managed DEXes, we expect Liquidity Mining Programme to launch on one or both of these DEXes offering special rewards for $AAA LPs on the DEX.

  • While we do the best efforts to check the good intent of the projects, ultimately our EVM is permissionless and we do not control the content that developers put on Moon Rabbit EVM. We thus encourage the participants to do their own research on the projects and DEXes and consider various risks.

  • Alongside the Public EVM Main-Net, we have launched the Test-Net launch and Faucet. Any teams building on Moon Rabbit can request testAAA to perform QA or other live testing of their dApps, protocols and smart contracts.

  • New Dapps for EVM are expected to arrive in November/December. We offer generous bounty to all exclusive launches on Moon Rabbit network, so any professional and motivated teams are welcome to get in touch with the team about support for launching on our Network. For the most promising projects our Accelerator support ( is also available

Cross-Chain Bridge Portal:

  • We expect to merge multiple Bridges into one single Portal. Initially the first three variations from the list below will be bundled together, launching in stages in late October and early November. Later the fourth variation will be included. The portal will permit the following transactions

    1. Transfer of ERC20 AAA on Ethereum Main-Net to Moon Rabbit EVM, where AAA performs the function of ETH for the purposes of interacting with Moon Rabbit network.

    2. Transfer of any ERC20 tokens to the equivalent tokens launched on Moon Rabbit EVM. We will likely commence with the top 200 most popular ERC20 and the list will continuously expand.

    3. Transfer of any NFTs between Ethereum Main-Net and Moon Rabbit EVM. Any NFTs minted on Ethereum can now be brought to Moon Rabbit and offered on its marketplace, and vice versa. Any NFTs originated from Moon Rabbit can be brought to Ethereum, and onward to Polygon and potentially offered on Opensea or other NFT marketplaces.

    4. We will later also merge our existing bridge from Ethereum Main-Net to Substrate Main-Net with the multi-bridge Portal.

Library (formerly Developer Hub):

  • As our network grows more complex, we will be integrating a Wiki-Style Database of Tutorials and FAQ into homepage.

  • It will be in two sections: one for general users and one for developers, for whom it will serve as the main point of reference for any integrations, interactions with our network

  • Full documentation to be included about Substrate Main-Net, Bridges, EVM Main-Net and all future projects, and wider infrastructure metrics

  • Full Documentation describing the EVM network. Basic capabilities, TPS, number and location of nodes, how to build on Network. It will also include all relevant links to interact with the system

  • The Library will be continuously updated with new Tutorials, Tools and Instruments.

We always welcome constructive feedback about our technical infrastructure and welcome any new collaborations with builders seeing the potential of Moon Rabbit and its Web3 infrastructure. Reach out to us via email or telegram to pitch any improvement proposal. We are eager to maximise the community contribution to the success of our network!